Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rockstar Party

Sunday, February 22, 2015
My nephew Ziggy is a born rockstar.  When he came to town for 2 weeks this month I decided to throw him a big welcoming party to celebrate his rocker status and welcome him to America.  My brother and his family live in Korea and this was their first debut to the USA.  Totally deserving of a rockstar welcome baby party, right?

No party is complete without tons of dessert.  I made an extra tall chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream for the centerpiece.  Then I made chocolate cupcakes, carrot cake cupcakes, and much more.

I thought the blue was masculine and classy.  I love this piping design too.

To keep with the rockstar theme I wrote on guitar picks and used them as cupcake toppers.  Very "rock and roll."

There were a few savory things to eat, rock star chili dip, popcorn, pasta salad, veggie cups.  We also had pizza for the guests to balance the sugar rush.

Some brownies with a peanut butter crunch layer topped with chocolate peanut butter glaze.  BOOM!  Simple mini oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and some chocolates top it all off.

The cake was seriously delish.  Strawberry buttercream is my new favorite.

I made a big sign to go above the table with his name ZIGGY DEAN in gold and a big Z.  The records on the sides are decorated with rocker posters that I made with baby Ziggy's pictures and rockstar quotes.

The baby himself, cruising along on his tummy before the party.  Welcome Ziggy!  We had so much fun throwing you a bash.

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