Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Flower Cupcakes

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The latest addiction in my baking repertoire: flowery cupcakes.  You may have seen them before on my blog or in person.  These are so fun to make and I love to look at them.

This batch is black raspberry and strawberry vanilla.  I used a homemade blackberry syrup and homemade strawberry jelly to flavor the buttercream.

You have to have two different colors to really get how pretty they are!  I love the blackberry.  Oh, and I also tried out a new high altitude cupcake recipe.  It was a winner.

I recently started taking orders for custom cakes and cupcakes.  I love these business cards.  They make me hungry.

Is it evil that I made my husband tell me which one was his favorite every 5 minutes while I was decorating them?  My favorite: the blackberry one in the bottom right.  Or maybe the strawberry vanilla in the bottom left.  

Now that I have mastered the ultimate in feminine treats, I am thinking I should practice something masculine.  Any ideas?

I was thinking maybe chocolate curls, caramel drizzles, and simple swirls of buttercream.  We shall see.  Manly things are simply not as fun to make!

Wouldn't these be great at a wedding or bridal shower?

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