Monday, May 26, 2014

Baby's 1st Birthday Party Baking

Monday, May 26, 2014
We threw my son a baseball themed baseball party for his 1st birthday.  It was a blast and I baked a bunch of goodies to go with the theme.

I made a 6 inch "smash cake" for him to try out all by himself.  He loved it... Not really.  I also made some really yummy lemon bars.

These super simple cupcakes were whipped up to match the cake.  My husband doesn't like a lot of frosting so I just did them flat instead of the usual swirl.

I kept the cake mostly white to avoid a huge mess of food coloring.  I made his name and the number 1 out of chocolate.  It was the perfect size for him to mess around with.

I also dipped some pretzel sticks in white chocolate and sprinkled on some turquoise jimmy sprinkles.  More desserts than food.  Sounds about right!

I dipped some oreos in white chocolate and striped them to look like baseballs.  Made some fudgy brownies that are to die for, and my mother in law brought these yummy monster cookies.

I love all the baseball stripes!  It turned out great.  We got sandwiches from Sprouts and had a few other snacks for guests to enjoy, but it was pretty much a sugar buffet!

These cupcakes had just the right amount of frosting. I think most people had a few!

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