Friday, August 3, 2012

How Many Pieces per Cake?

Friday, August 3, 2012
Here's your answer to the common question of how many pieces can be cut per cake.  IT ALL DEPENDS.  I know, I know, that isn't really the answer you were looking for.  If you are hosting a wedding, you are going to have a significantly smaller piece, therefore a larger amount of servings.  If you have a birthday party, you probably want big slices.  That is traditionally the case, but everyone is different.

I found a fantastic guideline for cake cutting on Lark: Silver Lake Cakes in LA.  They explain very well how cakes are cut for different occasions and how many pieces you can expect to get.

Here is a rough guideline:  
6 inch cakes: serve 4 to 8 people
8 inch cakes: 8 to 24 people
10 inch cakes: 12 to 39 people
12 inch cakes: 30 to 56 people

Wedding Cakes:

I like to cut my wedding cake pieces quite small as many people have already eaten the 5 course buffet, or appetizers at cocktail hour, the 3 course meal and a small dessert.  Another reason to cut them small: guests can come back for seconds if they would like more, but most people just want a taste.

Birthday Cakes:

For some reason, birthday cakes give people a huge appetite.  It is the highlight of any party.  Serve cupcakes and people will take 2, serve cake and you better cut it big.  There are always those people that ask for a small piece, but they will probably have seconds.  Right??  

Hopefully this helps when it comes time to order a cake for your next big event or celebration!

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